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Why Does My Dog Sneeze Before Barking?

There is not any specific reason behind the dog’s sneezing before barking. Dogs could sneeze, possibly for more than one reason. One of the main reasons behind their sneezing before barking suggests they will sneeze if something irritates their nose. There could be any pollen, dust particle, or a foreign body stuck in the dog’s nose, and they will try to get rid of them by sneezing before barking.

The second possible cause of dogs’ sneezing could be their food allergens, nasal mites, and nasal infections. Besides this, another cause of dogs sneezing before barking is considered a sign of excitement. They express themselves through sneezing if they are in a playful mind.

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Sneeze Isn’t Always a Sneeze before Barking

Sometimes your dog snorts before barking, which you mistakenly took as sneezing. Snorting is certainly different than sneezing. If your dog is snorting, it indicates there might be an obstruction in the upper airway of your dog’s mouth. Besides this, if your dog is overweight, they will find it difficult to breathe and, as a result, snort. So, sometimes, your dog snorts before barking for the reasons mentioned above, and you might think they are sneezing.

Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

Reverse sneezing is a paroxysmal respiratory response (shortness of breath) in dogs caused by irritations and infections in the nasal cavity. In reverse sneezing, dogs repeatedly inhale by opening and closing their mouths, followed by snorting and gagging sounds. So, this condition is quite common in dogs before and after barking. You should take your dog to the veterinarian if they are in reserve sneezing condition.

How to Stop My Dog from Sneezing?

Sneezing is an automatic reflex, and it’s impossible to prevent it completely in dogs, just like humans. If your dog sneezes more than normal, take them to the veterinarian. If your dog has difficulty breathing due to poor ventilation in the room, open up the windows.

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