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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws Before Bed? 6 Reasons

Every pet has certain habits. If you have dog pets, you might notice that they also have odd habits. One of those habits is to lick their paws before bed. There could be various reasons behind this habit, and if you are worried about why dogs lick their feet before bed, this article is for you. Read below the 6 main reasons behind this habit.dog licking paws

1. It Is Their Way to Calm Themselves 

A night care routine before bed is common for humans, which soothes them. But have you ever wondered what dogs do to calm themselves before bed? Yes, you guessed it right! They lick their paws before sleeping. The licking of paws releases endorphin hormone that helps the dog to relax. That’s why they often lick their feet before bed.

2. They Stir Their Old Memories 

Sometimes dogs lick their paws before bed just to remember their old memories. From the time of birth, since they got separated from their mother, they had vigorous maternal lickings from their mother. Their mother did so to stimulate their growth or also due to affection. Thus, your dogs lick their paws before bed to remember the latent old memories of the times when they were puppies.

3. Self-Grooming Practice 

Another possible reason for your dogs to lick their paws is that they are doing it as a self-grooming practice. Therefore, before sitting on the bed, your dog licks his paws because it’s his way of cleaning himself. So, if you see that this self-cleaning practice stops after a few minutes, you don’t need to worry. But if it continues for a longer period, there could be other reasons behind this act, which are mentioned below.

4. They Are in Pain

Dogs also lick their paws due to some pain receptive. Pain could be due to various reasons, such as arthritis or any other internal injury. So, dogs lick their paws to comfort themselves ease. Sometimes they also lick when they feel any discomfort in their teeth. So, it’s better to take them to the veterinarian if you suspect any pain in your dog’s body.

5. Due to Some Behavioral Disorders

If you wonder why your dog licks paws at night, you should keenly observe them for certain behavioral changes. Boredom, stress, and anxiety could be the root causes of paw licking at night. Dogs sometimes prefer to lick their back feet just to entertain themselves before sleeping. Especially if they are not sleepy, they get bored, and as time pass, they decide to lick their paws.

6. Your Dog Has Allergies 

Environmental allergies affect dogs also, just like other pets. Due to different allergies, their skin becomes itchy, dry, and inflamed. Allergies mostly hit paws and ears. After all, day strolling on grass, they might get pollen allergy. So when they are about to sit on their bed at night, they feel irritated. Thus, they start licking their paws to lessen the irritation they get from skin allergens.

Final Thoughts

Dogs lick their paws before going to bed to calm and groom themselves due to pain and allergies, or sometimes just for entertainment. If they lick rigorously for extended periods before sleeping, you might consider taking them to their veterinarian.


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