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Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails When Excited?

If you are a pet owner, then it’s not uncommon for you to see your dog chasing his tail. Do you know why they do so? I guess most of you never know the real reasons behind their tail chasing, especially when they are excited. So, if you are here reading this guide, it’s clear that you want to know why dogs chase their tails in excitement. Please read further for a detailed guide.dog chase tail

Reasons behind Dogs Chasing Their Tails When Excited

For Enjoyment

When dogs chase their tails, they mostly do it for their enjoyment. This trait is mainly found in puppies because they explore the world and are happy. They get excited about their discoveries when they learn and discover new things. They show their excitement by chasing their tails. Moreover, puppies are amazingly playful and like to chase their tail to catch them. So, enjoyment is one of the main causes of chasing tail.

For Seeking Attention

Sometimes your dog chases his tail just to get your attention. If you are not giving your dog much attention, they do certain things to get attention and love from you. For example, they will pull your clothes or chase their tail so that you can look at them. They just want to get a response from you, so even if you scold them, they consider it an achievement. Your dog mostly does this when he is in an excitement or happiness state so that you can become their partner in their happiness mode.

Due to Boredom

Another reason dogs chase their tail is because they are getting bored and want to do something exciting. By chasing tail, they pass their time and allow themselves to get entertained. They can also get rid of the buildup energy by chasing their tails. So, if your dog chases tail due to boredom, you should increase their daily activity. Make sure you involve them in games and physical activities, so they do not get bored.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do dogs chase their tails in a circle?

Seeing your dogs chasing their tail in a circle isn’t uncommon. They do so because they are having fun or maybe they just want to get rid of boredom. Moreover, this behavior can also be due to some compulsive behaviors.

2. How do you get your dog to stop chasing his tail?

You need to distract your dog if he is chasing his tail because, most of the time, your puppy is doing it just for fun. You can distract them with toys, food, and some treats. If you are getting irritated with this behavior, you can command them to stop or sit.

3. Is it normal for a dog to chase its tail?

Yes, dogs, especially little puppies, like to chase their tails, and it is very common in every breed. They chase their tails to learn more about their bodies and have fun.


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