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How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking?

Dogs bark when they see some strangers, call out to other dogs, after experiencing any danger, get attention, to communicate, and so on. They bark after getting any stimulus that may not be normal to them. If you have a dog as a pet, you might know it is unlawful for a person to own a dog that barks continuously and cause inconvenience to the neighbors.

According to the U.S Placer County Code Regarding Domestic Animals, 6.08.020 Nuisance—Excessive dog barking, “It is unlawful for any person to own, possess, harbor, control, or keep on any premises any dog that barks or howls so continuously or incessantly as to unreasonably disturb the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood. Commercial dog kennels, permitted by zoning law where located, are subject to dog barking nuisance laws as well as other applicable county codes. Working dogs who bark while actively herding or participating in standard farming practices, as determined by the agricultural commissioner, shall be exempt from this section. Animal services is responsible for enforcement of the provisions of this section“.

Thus, you should train your dog not to bark unnecessarily. It probably seems impossible to stop your dog from barking but here are a few tips and tricks that help in this matter.

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How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking at People

If your dog barks at random people or strangers, it could be due to territorial barking, excitement, and lack of human socialization. You can practice a few methods to stop your dog from barking at people.

The Quiet Method

If your dog starts barking at people, instead of shouting, you should gently hold their muzzle and say, “Quiet.” Before doing so, you need to let them bark a few times. After saying quiet, take off your hand from their muzzle. If your dog remains quiet, give them a treat as an appreciation. If your dog starts barking again, you should repeat the procedure. You can also attempt this process without holding the muzzle if it causes an inconvenience to your dog.

Distract Your Dog

Distracting your dog is the best way to stop it from barking. You can shake anything before their eyes, like your car keys. The jangling noise will distract your dog. Once you get succeed in diverting your dog’s attention, you can politely ask them to sit and treat them upon their cooperation.

Rewarding Successful Encounters

If your dog has a bad habit of barking at people, it may happen due to a lack of human socialization. To combat this issue, you should invite as many guests as possible to your home, so your dog gets used to it. Ask your guest to be gentle with your dog and provide them with some treats. In this way, your dog starts admiring human company and slowly stops barking at strangers outside and inside your home.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking in Crate/Kennel

If your dog starts to bark as soon as you enter them into the crate, it means they want to come out, they are hungry, they are bored, they want to go to the toilet, they have sensed something unusual, or they may not like the location of the crate. You can encounter all these by following the given tips.

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Make Crate Cozy for Dog

One of the reasons why your dog barks in the crate is because they don’t like their bed. Thus, it will help if you make the crate cozy for the dog. A donut-style bed with high sides can be comforting as these tend to mimic a mother’s warmth. You can also furnish the dog’s crate with a cozy blanket to make it more inviting. Above all, buy a crate from Amazon that is spacious and durable to keep your dog comfortable in it.

Add Some Boredom Buster to the Crate

After making a cozy bed for your pet, you should add some dog toys to avoid boredom. Company in the form of toys will make your dog happy while staying in the crate. They can pass their time with toys until they fall asleep.

Created Mealtimes

You need to do positive things to associate your dog with the crate. One of those things is created mealtimes. Feed them in the crate by letting the door open. Then gradually practice shutting the door for a few minutes and then extend the time. In this way, your dog gets attached to the crate and will not bark frequently.

Nighttime Crating

If you are comfortable, take your dog’s crate to your room at night. After knowing that they are staying nears you during the night, your dog will be less likely to bark in the crate. If you can’t do this, wait until they sleep and carefully take the crate out of your room.

Gradual Stays

It’s important to begin gradually so your dog has the opportunity and willpower to adjust in their kennel. Start by popping them in there for a short period of around 15-30 minutes daily, moving gradually up to longer periods if you’re expecting to leave home for a couple of hours.

Above mentioned methods show how to get a dog to stop barking in a kennel. You need to practice all of these methods to get good results.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking at Night

One of the main reasons your dog barks around evening time is because they dislike outer noises that especially emerge if you live in a metropolitan region. Barking of other dogs, encompassing natural life, far-off sirens, and vehicles driving by can all set off your dog’s super-sensitive hearing and make them bark. Additionally, dogs that don’t get sufficient activity during the day will frequently need to deliver their energy at night through barking. You can encounter all these issues by following methods.

Use Calming Aids

To decrease the stress and anxiety of your pet at night, you can use dog calming aids. The essential oils in these aids induce calmness in the dog and help him relax. As a result, they will stop barking at night.

Go for an Evening Walk

If you suspect your dog needs to work out, taking them outside for a night’s walk should help eliminate the barking issue. Ensure your dog gets a lot of chances to go around and play with you and also with other puppies. They will actually want to deliver all their energy and tire themselves out so that sleeping around evening time will be easier for them.

Follow a Night Care Routine

Dogs also need a calming and relaxing night care routine like humans. The proper night routine will help them to sleep better and stop barking. Bath your dog with a good dog shampoo at night. It will help your dog lose stress and anxiety and ultimately helps them to fall asleep peacefully.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking At Other Dogs

If your dog has a bad habit of barking at other dogs, you must adopt the below-mentioned practices to handle this issue.

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  • If your friend or stranger with his dog comes near you, take care of your dog with some treats.
  • Quit taking care of treats when the other dog vanishes from view.
  • Rehash the cycle on different occasions.
  • It will take time may be some days or weeks, before your dog can focus on you and the treats without woofing at the other breeds.
  • Take help from a positive-reinforcement-based dog trainer if you are battling with your dog’s barking around outsiders or different dogs.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking When You Leave

It’s common for your pet to start yelling when they sense you are leaving. Your dog will bark out of fear of being alone, and when they don’t

Give Your Dog an Activity

When you are about to leave, you should give your dog some toys to play with them. You can use some kind of treats with food in them and require the dog to lick into the treat so your dog will occupy for a long time, which implies no barking. When they’re finished, they might be so exhausted that they’ll require rest and sleep.

Give Your Dog a lot of Attention When You Are Home

You need to make your pet tired with exercise, running, and bouncing before leaving them alone. In addition to the fact that exercise is perfect for your dog’s health, it can truly consume excessive energy. When you need to leave for work, your fuzzy friend will be ready for a rest, and your leaving will be somewhat less disturbing without them barking.

Give Your Dog Some Sounds to Make the House Less Lonely

Silence may not be your dog’s friend, and they will bark when you leave them alone in your home. That’s why you should leave the TV or radio on to approximate the sounds when you’re leaving your home, similar to the sound of human voices. This procedure works best on dogs that fear abandonment so they will not feel alone and avoid barking.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking at You

If your dog barks at you, there could be various reasons behind this behavior. It might be your dog is hungry, need your attention, want to go for a walk, the toy is stuck somewhere, and the list goes on. You can silence them by understanding and resolving the issue they are facing.

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  • One of the main reasons why your dog is barking at you is because it’s their dinner time. Through barking, they remind you to feed them.
  • Your dog may get used to regular exercise, so when you are going to miss it, they bark at you to take them for a walk and exercise. They surely feel happy when you take them for a walk in a nearby park. Thus, if you miss this routine someday, they will not be going to forget you and remind you of their routine through barking. So, when they bark at you, try to take them for a walk and exercise.
  • Sometimes when a dog barks, it means they are not getting something. If they are playing with toys and now some of them get stuck under a couch or somewhere else, they might start barking. You need to frequently check them while playing and if their boredom material gets lost, help them to find them.
  • Another reason dogs barking at you is you are not giving them the attention they want. If this is the case, you need to ignore them. Otherwise, you are encouraging them to bark for attention, which will be very problematic for you in the future. When your dog calms down, reward them with some treats.
  • You can also opt for a good anti-barking device to control your dog’s excessive barking at you and others.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking at the Door

If your dog starts barking at doors, you must divert their attention with some tricks. The given advice may help you achieve your goal.

  • Throw a treat at their bed to distract them from barking at the door and ask them to go to their beds.
  • When your dog goes to bed to get a treat, close the crate door and try to calm them down with dog toys.
  • Practice this cycle to make them adjust with the door open.
  • Ask someone to ring the bell while the dog is in bed. If they stay quiet, reward them with treats. Train them by repeating the process so that they will not bark unnecessarily when someone’s at the door.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking Outside

Some dogs have a habit of barking, while some bark for many reasons. You can calm down your dog and stop them from barking outside by opting for the below-mentioned methods.

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Limit your Dog’s Freedom

If your dog barks in roaming around the yard, you need to limit their freedom first. Don’t allow your dog to run freely outside; keep them tied, so they sit peacefully at the allocated place. But if your dog barks while tied in the yard, then you can experiment by untying them. See if they stop barking or not.

Besides this, you can reward him for staying quiet, so they better understand what behavior to choose to get the treat from you.

Work on Your Dog’s Manners

If your dog listens to you and tries to do what you ask, their barking is not a big deal. You can work on your dog’s basic manners, especially when you are outside with them. Try to learn them to socialize with humans and other dogs. Let them play with your neighbor’s dog, or at least learn them to stay calm in the presence of other dogs.

This trick will work surely but slowly. You cannot train your dog overnight, so you have to be patient and stay calm during the training.

Check the Reasons for Your Dog’s Barking

When you are outside with your dog, and they start barking, check out the possible reasons behind this behavior. They may bark out of fear when someone approaches them. If it happens, try to take them out from people and let them calm down. Besides this, if your dog barks outside, you can opt for the “Quiet Method” mentioned at the start of this guide. You have to treat your dog according to the reasons behind their barking.

Take Your Dog for Plenty of Walks

Taking your dog for a walk will help you stop their barking in more than one way. When you take your dog for a walk, they get tired, and the walk drains their energy as well. So, they will be less likely to bark outside, depriving them of energy. Other than this, plenty of walks train your dog to socialize more, and they will not bark at anyone outside the home.

By opting for the methods mentioned above, your dog will be less likely to bark outside, and you can

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If the dog you’re walking is barking at another dog, what should you do?

If your dog barks at another dog while passing by, try to follow the below-mentioned tricks to let them calm down.

  • Take a different route so that your dog will stop barking.
  • Distract your dog with something engaging.
  • Train your dog to pay attention to you.
  • Take your dog on frequent walks so that they will adapt themselves to passing by other dogs silently.

2.How to stop a dog from barking in seconds?

To stop your dog from barking, you have to divert their attention. Let them bark for a few seconds, and then divert their attention by showing them some treats. Put their favorite treat into their crate and ask them to enjoy their treat silently. You can also offer some dog toys to them so they can get themselves something to play with. Also, check if something is bothering them; if yes, fix it.

3. How do we stop neighbors’ dogs from barking?

Dog barking is undoubtedly an irritating noise, and if it’s coming from neighbors, you will feel more uncomfortable. You should better talk to your neighbors to calm down their dogs and stop them from barking. If your neighbor’s dog barks when you pass by them, you should better make them your friends. You can also use ultrasonic bark control devices to counter the noise from dog barking. If the situation is getting worse day by day, you should better file a noise complaint.


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