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How Long Does a Dog Stay in Heat After Bleeding Stops?

A general rule of thumb is that a female dog stays one week in the heat after the bleeding stops. The time period of heat can increase or decrease in some cases depending upon the dog’s condition. Overall the heating period lasts around 18 days, but for every dog, it can be anywhere between 12 to 28 days. So, more precisely, a female dog takes one week to come into heat, one week to stay in the heat, and approximately one week to stay out of that heat. A few days can increase or decrease for every dog from the entire heat cycle.

Female dog in heat

What is a Heat Cycle for a Dog?

The time period in the life of a female dog when she becomes ready to breed is called the heat period. The heat period is also called season or estrus. There are certain signs a female dog exhibits when she is in heat. For example:

  • Bleeding from the vulva
  • Red and swollen vulva
  • Frequent weeing
  • Lick back end frequently
  • Certain behavioral changes

Duration of Heat Cycle for Dog

The duration of the heat cycle lasts about 2 to 4 weeks. At the start of the heat cycle, female dogs do not become receptive to male dogs. But some females remain receptive throughout the season. When the vulva returns to its normal size and bleeding or discharge stops, it indicates that the heat cycle stops.

Regarding fertility, the female dogs become most fertile during the entire heat season on the ninth or tenth day of their heating cycle. This fertility phase lasts for four to five days. There is also a possibility that a female dog becomes pregnant just at the end of the heating cycle.

For How Much Time Does a Female Dog Stays in Heat After Bleeding Stops?

Diestrus is the final stage of a female dog’s heating cycle. At this stage, she became unwilling to mate usually. Various hormonal changes happen at this stage, and she doesn’t like to mate at this time. The fertile period for a female dog is only its estrus phase (first phase of the heating cycle). She can still show signs of heating in the last phase but fertilizing usually lasts during the first phase. A female dog stays in heat for one week after the bleeding stops.

How Long After Bleeding Is a Dog Fertile?

When the heating cycle starts, a female may not be interested in matting with dogs. This is the phase when bleeding starts, and after 9-10 days of this phase, the female dog becomes most fertile. At this time, bleeding will be watery or stops and she will be at the most fertile stage of the entire heating cycle. This phase lasts for 1-2 weeks.


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