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How Long Can A Maltipoo Be Left Alone?

You can leave a Maltipoo at home, but the time you can leave him alone depends on various factors. Most Maltipoo owners say they leave their little buddy at home for 4 hours without any issues. Some dogs may stay alone for up to 8 hours if trained and have bathroom access.

However, Maltipoo is a highly social breed. It needs interaction with humans, other dogs, toys, puzzles, and various activities to stay happy and avoid separation anxiety and other behavioral issues.

Hence, you must avoid leaving your Maltipoo at home for long times regularly.

Key Takeaways

A properly trained Maltipoo can stay alone for 4-8 hours with food and bathroom access.

Malitpoos need proper training, a dog-proof room, maximum socializing (when you are with the dog), toys, games, and a pet walker to stay alone successfully.

Hence, you must avoid leaving your Maltipoo at home for long times regularly.

Tips to Leave Your Maltipoo Alone at Home

Don’t Leave Your Dog More than 4 Hours

It is better not to initially leave your dog for more than 4 hours. The alone time can increase gradually. Maltipoos need to use the bathroom every 4 hours or so. Puppies use the washroom more often.

If your dog doesn’t have access to the washroom, it will cause problems for you and your dog. You can provide your dog with a small litter box or an enclosed outdoor area. Most pet experts recommend not having Maltipoo puppies if you work long hours away from home.

You can hire a dog walker or pet babysitter if you stay out for more than 4 hours or come back and attend to your dogs before leaving again.

your dogs before leaving again.

Install a Pet Camera

A pet camera is an excellent way to stay updated with what your Maltipoo is doing. You can communicate with them, and they’ll see you back. This will help you stay on top, and you can stop your dog from doing anything you don’t want them to do. However, this requires training, and you must train them gradually.

Put them in a Crate

Find a nice, cozy, and spacious crate for your Maltipoo. Train them to stay in the crate by gradually increasing the crate time. However, you must not leave them in a crate for over 8 hours.

However, you must not leave them in a crate for over 8 hours.

Dog Proof the Room

Some people don’t support crates. You can dog-proof the room where you leave your Maltipoo to ensure he doesn’t hurt himself or damage your stuff.

Leave TV or Radio on

Leaving an appliance that runs music or TV shows lets your pooch know that someone is around and he is not alone in the home. It keeps off the separation anxiety and keeps him relaxed. Some dogs even like watching TV.

Keep your Dog Happy and Socialize with Him

Maltipoos are social pets. They love to play with humans and other dogs. You must keep your dog company before you leave them alone. Take them out on a walk or play with them as you would with your kids.

This reduces the impact of separation anxiety and keeps them happy for a while. Don’t forget to leave them water, food, and special treats to meet their needs. Many pet parents don’t leave food for their pets to delay the bathroom. This isn’t fair. Will you leave your kids the same way?

Moreover, you must give your Maltipoo some time when you come back.

Increase the Alone Time Gradually

Train your dog to stay alone and manage himself. Start by leaving your dog alone for 15-30 minutes, increasing the time daily until you achieve your desired time. A fully trained Maltipoo can stay alone for up to 8 hours daily if his needs are fully met.

Hire a Dog Walker

The most reliable way to attend to a Maltipoo’s needs is to hire a dog walker. Dog walkers are professionals who charge $7-$15 per hour for caring for your dog. They ensure your dog is cared for by walking them, giving them food, and taking them to the bathroom.

However, not everyone can afford a dog walker. You can ask your friends or family to visit your little friend after you leave.

Maltipoos don’t have special care requirements, but they need to go to the bathroom and require something to eat.

but they need to go to the bathroom and require something to eat.

Puzzle Toys and Dog Games

Dogs that stay alone get bored because they have nothing to do. One effective way to keep them engaged is to provide them with pet puzzles and dog games.

You can select frozen dog toy puzzles. These take some time to solve, and your dog will be rewarded when they are done solving. It will keep your dog occupied for a long time, and your Maltipoo will hardly feel your absence.

Get another Dog

Get your Maltipoo another dog that is compatible with him. Maltipoos do great with small family dogs. However, getting a larger dog is not recommended as he may bully your little friend.

If you decide to get a new dog, don’t leave the two alone until they get to know each other well and understand each other’s personal space.

each other well and understand each other's personal space.

Pet Daycare

Another reliable option to take care of your dog is to drop him at a pet care facility. Such facilities charge hourly but take care of your Maltipoo very well. However, it is a costly option, and not everyone can afford it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a Maltipoo suffers from separation anxiety?

A dog suffering from separation anxiety shows behavioral issues like clinginess, crying, excessive barking, damaging things, or not eating properly.

Can you train a Maltipoo to deal with separation anxiety?

You can train a Maltipoo to deal with separation anxiety, but it takes some time before they come over it. It includes training your dog by increasing the alone time gradually and leaving them with food and toys to cope with your absence.

What does a Maltipoo do when left alone?

It depends on your dog’s personality. Your Maltipoo may take a quality nap, play with toys, anxiously wait for you or just stroll around the living room.

Some naughty Maltipoos may involve mischievous activities like jumping on the sofa, running on kitchen counters, or taking up forbidden adventures.

or taking up forbidden adventures.

How long can I leave a Maltipoo puppy alone?

You must not leave a Maltipoo puppy alone for more than 2 hours. Puppies need more supervision compared to adult dogs. They need food often and require peeing often. Moreover, puppies are more susceptible to separation anxiety and behavioral issues than adults or senior Maltipoos.

Can I leave my Maltipoo alone for a night?

Yes. You can leave them alone for a night. Dogs sleep peacefully unless they are hungry or not feeling well. However, your Maltipoo may be a bit clingy if he goes into panic mode when you close the door on him.

What to do with my Maltipoo when I get back home?

Give your dog ample time when you get back home. He will probably welcome you with licks and hugs. You can take them out for a walk or play with them to relax their minds and release the gathered energy.

release the gathered energy.

Can a sudden change of weather scare my Maltipoo?

Yes. A sudden change of weather can affect Maltipoos. Maltipoos are small, sensitive breeds that get scared by loud thundering or loud bangs.

Why does my Maltipoo bark excessively when I leave him alone?

It is probably due to separation anxiety. You can reduce this behavior by gradually increasing the alone time and leaving your dog a frozen treat to play with until you return. Moreover, you must not make a big deal of leaving or coming back, as this will increase separation anxiety. Instead, wait 5-10 minutes before calmly greeting your dog and rewarding it with a treat to keep him calm and relaxed.

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