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Can Dog Barking Trigger Misophonia?

According to a scientist, one in every five people suffers from misophonia, while the degree of severity varies. Misophonia is a condition in which a patient gets irritated by common sounds that seems fine to others, like clicking of ballpoint, typing, chewing, breathing, yawning, tapping foot, and swallowing. These sounds trigger anger in the patients, and they want to escape. Loud sounds, including dog barking, can trigger misophonia. Read this article further so that you will get to know the ways to stop your dog from barking.

Misophonia and Dogs’ Barking

An individual who endures misophonia is triggered by a sound that causes a misophonic reaction. For an individual with misophonia, a trigger causes a critical disturbance response, and if the trigger proceeds, the feelings immediately become outrageous anger, rage, and hatred.

According to research conducted in 2013, 75% of patients got triggered by eating, chewing, and breathing sounds. While the rest of 25 % of misophonic patients got triggered by bass through walls, dog’s barking, coughing, whistling, talking, clicking sounds, sibilance (the sound produced when saying words such as sun or chip), and typing noise on a keyboard.

Hence, if you are a misophonic patient or someone around you has misophonia, you have to avoid going near to dog barking noise.

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How to Stop Dog from Barking?

As you have read, dog barking can trigger misophonia, so you must stop your dog from barking in order to prevent yourself from the disorder. Here are a few tips that help you control your dog from barking.

1. Use Devices to Stop Your Dog from Barking

There are several ultrasonic pet training devices on the market that can control your dog’s behavior while barking. You can use such devices to calm down your dog so that they can stop barking. One of those devices you can get from Barks-No-More.

2. Stay Away from Things Your Dog Finds Scary

Suppose your dog is barking because of fear; attempt to stay away from the frightening thing as much as could be expected. If your dog barks at passers-by through a window, cover this up to hinder their view.

If they bark when they are alone because they are terrified, try not to leave them alone as much reasonably possible until you can show them it’s alright to be let be.

Moreover, if your dog is frightened, you can take help from a behaviorist to find out precisely the exact thing they are frightened of and assist them with changing the way how they feel about certain things.

3. Teach Your Dog Alternate Ways of Letting You Know What They Need

If your dog has the habit of barking to get your attention and to tell you what they need, you must work on changing such habits.

For example, your dog can’t bark and sniff simultaneously. In this way, redirecting their attention to the floor to track down delicious treats instead of barking can be exceptionally helpful. You can adopt such methods to divert their attention from barking.

4. Ensure Your Dog is Staying Active

Your dog might be bound to bark if they are exhausted and not getting sufficient mental or actual activity. Ensure you invest quality time keeping your dog active and engaged the entire day. Accommodating your dog with heaps of fun exercises will prevent them from becoming exhausted and will be a fun time for you both.

5. Don’t Reward Your Dog for Barking

Give your dog rewards for staying quiet. If your dog barks at eating times, disregard the barking and hang tight for them to stop before feeding them. When they stop barking, give them rewards in the form of food and toys to make them understand they can get more if they stay quiet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can dog barking worsen misophonia?

Yes, dog barking is one of those things that trigger misophonia. The misophonic patients get irritated by dogs’ barking and want to escape from the scene. You can use ultrasonic devices to keep your dog quiet.

2. What are the common misophonic triggers?

  • Sounds of people eating
  • Sounds of people drinking
  • Sounds made at the table
  • Breathing sounds
  • Animal sounds
  • Home sounds
  • Workplace and school sounds3

3. What frequency will stop a dog from barking?

The frequency between 15,000 Hz – 20,000 Hz stops the dog from barking immediately.


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