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Can Dog Barking Damage Babies’ Ears?

Dog barking cannot damage your babies’ ears unless the babies are exposed to loud barking noise for a prolonged time over days and weeks. The good news is that dogs don’t bark too loud and for too long to damage your babies’ ears. ENT specialists suggest that loud barking may scare babies, but it will not damage their hearing.

However, you must be careful leaving your babies unattended around your dogs. Loud barking sounds near your baby’s ears can damage the inner parts of the ears.

Can Dog Barking Damage Babies' Ears?

Dog Barking and Babies’ Ears

A dog usually barks between 80-90 decibels. Experts agree that babies must not be exposed to noises above 60 decibels for long periods. A dog usually barks for a few minutes if they are not upset, bored, hungry, or unhealthy.

So, your baby is safe unless your dog is too loud or barking excessively. The nature of barking also depends on the breed and how well-trained your dog is.

How to Control Dog Barking to keep your Baby’s ears safe?

A well-trained dog never barks excessively in front of your kid. Most dogs love their little human friends and protect them from unknowns and strangers. Let’s check out how you can train your dog to stay quiet in front of your kid and only bark when there is real danger.

Teach your Dog the “Quiet” Command

It is an easy but time taking process to train your dog. You can teach them the “quiet” command and use it whenever they start barking around your dog. Training your dog takes time, but it is the best and most effective way to deal with excessive barking.

Bark Control Devices

The easiest and quickest way to stop your or your neighbor’s dog from excessive barking is to use bark control devices. Bark control devices are available in indoor and outdoor styles. You can buy one online or from nearby pet stores.

Take Care of your Dog

A dog barks loudly and excessively when angry, frustrated, bored, hungry, or unwell. A well-kept and well-trained dog would never bark unless there is an intruder or he is in a threatening situation. Take care of these things and ensure your dog doesn’t bark fanatically around your baby.

Call Animal Control or 911

This is only for your neighbors’ dogs barking loudly to excessively. There are laws governing how long a dog can bark. The owners are fined heavily for breaking these laws. However, it is better to talk with your neighbor before you talk to the authorities.

What other Sounds should I Avoid around Babies?

It’s not only dog barking. You must avoid any sort of loud noise around your baby. Experts recommend not using vacuum cleaners, playing TV and radio at loud sounds, car exhausts, or any other sharp noise that scares your baby. Moreover, you must not also yell or scream around the little one.


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