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Are Dogs Happier In Pairs? Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One?

In general, dogs are happier when they are paired up. Dogs are social animals that require the presence of people and other dogs. Companionship can provide them with entertainment, exercise, and emotional support. Some dogs may be unhappy in pairs and only get paired easily based on their breeds and temperaments. Remember to check your old dog’s compatibility before getting a new one.

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Reasons To Get A New Dog For Pair Up

Dogs can keep each other company, entertain, and learn from one another. Whether two dogs are right for each other depends on your environment and capacity to care for them.

Keep each other Entertained and Active

They can keep each other entertained and exercised. Furthermore, they’ll keep each other company while you’re at work, school, or running errands, making them less likely to get into boredom-induced mischief.

Easy Dog Training

Your older dog will naturally assume the role of pack leader when you introduce a new dog to the family. An older dog and a new dog may make dog training easier, as the pup will look to his senior for guidance and model his behavior after hers.

Relieve Separation Anxiety

When left alone, many dogs experience separation anxiety or feelings of intense anxiety. Some dogs will grow out of separation anxiety. But mostly, dogs may appreciate having a canine companion to keep them calm and entertained.

Make a difference in Second Life

Two dogs are better than one. You can directly impact and save their lives by providing a safe, happy home for dogs. As a bonus, adopting a dog from an animal shelter frees up space for other needy animals.

The Cost is the Same

The cost of having another dog is not high. Having two dogs simultaneously is relatively inexpensive than having one, besides immunizations and checkups. Toys, beds, grooming products, water bowls, bags of food, and treats can be shared by dogs.

However, this is not always true. Some dogs don’t like to share their stuff.

It’s Double the Love

Why do most people add a second dog to their family? Their first dog brought so much joy and love into their homes, and they want more! Nothing beats coming home to a pet who loves you unconditionally, and you can have two furry family members to double that love.

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Factors To Consider Before Getting A New Dog

The best type of dog for your current dog and your family’s lifestyle is crucial when getting another dog. There are several factors to consider, including:

  • Which dog size is right for you and your family?
  • Would a second dog fit in your home?
  • Can you play with and care for another dog?
  • How much exercise do your old dog and new dog need?
  • Are you able to afford a second dog?
  • Would your current dog be able to interact with a puppy, or would you prefer an older, more calm dog?

Ways To Introduce Your Old Dog And New Dog To Get Along

As soon as you’ve researched your dogs’ breeds and ensured their medical histories are up-to-date, it’s time for them to meet. It takes a long time. Patience and attention are required. Place anything your resident dog might guard in one place before bringing your new dog home.

  • Find a neutral Area: Bring your new and old dogs to a neutral location before bringing them home. The best place to do this is outside, in a garden, or walking.
  • Keep your dog on a leash: Keep the dogs at a distance when walking them. If the dogs are comfortable with each other, you can shorten the distance between them.
  • You should follow your dog’s lead: Some dogs can warm up to one another more quickly than others. You will create a safer, more relaxed environment for your dogs to acclimate to making the first move.
  • Watch body language: Check the body language of both dogs. Look for posturing, fur standing on end, growling, or aggressive staring.
  • Bring them home: Bring the new dog home, and create a safe, calm, and comfortable environment for old and new dogs. Separate their toys, rooms, food, and other belongings.
  • Separate them: Separate your dogs when you can’t closely monitor their interactions. Keep your new dog in a crate to prevent accidents with your old dog.
  • Establish boundaries: Your dogs will avoid territorial behavior if you establish boundaries with both. Each dog needs to have its toys and belongings.

The Pros of Having Two Dogs

  • There is a companion for your dog to play with and socialize with.
  • It can ease separation anxiety for dogs. The dogs have a friend to keep them company and occupied.
  • There will also be another family member for you.

The Cons of Having Two Dogs

  • Before bringing a dog into your home, ensure the old and new dogs match and are compatible.
  • The new dog might teach your old dog new bad behaviors, such as guarding toys, food aggression, pulling on a leash, and excessive barking.
  • It’s hard enough that managing two dogs is twice as expensive or time-consuming.
  • Finding someone to watch the dogs would be more difficult for trips and vacations.

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Are two dogs helpful to each other?

They can keep each other company. It will be fun for both dogs to entertain each other and exercise together. You could train a new puppy with the help of your older dog. Separation anxiety can be eased when the dogs have each other.

Do you find it easier to take care of two dogs?

Although having two dogs can be a lot of work at times, the pros outweigh the cons. Many good reasons exist to adopt a second dog for pairing, from easier training to better mental and emotional health for you and your dogs to saving animals’ lives.

How do paired dogs show affection for each other?

Sharing space can be a subtle sign of affection between dogs. It is also possible for affectionate dogs to share toys or food. They enjoy playing together, inciting games, and taking turns during chases and tag. Similarly, dogs show love to their owners.

Is it a good idea to keep dogs in pairs?

There is nothing wrong with having another dog, but it isn’t essential, so don’t believe people who tell you your dog is lonely, that he would love a playmate, and that dogs are packed animals.


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