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WearWoof provides funding and support for approved local animal shelters and rescues Partners whose mission is aligned with ours.  By becoming a WearWoof Partner, your organization is eligible to apply for WearWoof grant funds for special projects or programs, as well as the WearWoof Emergency Fund.  Shelter and rescue Partners will receive support for events and programs, such as the planning, marketing and organizing of adoption or fundraising events, and will benefit from our marketing of your organization, events, adoptable animals, etc. on our website/Facebook page.  When available, WearWoof will distribute unapplied funds to our Partners on an annual basis.

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WearWoof Corporate Partnership:

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Look at your desk.  Do you have as many pictures of your dog as you do your children?  Is your cat your screen-saver?  When the Olate Dogs won Season 7 on America’s Got Talent was it big news around the water-cooler?

WearWoof knows that corporations are made up of people, and that those people are bonkers for their pets.  They put their cats’ pics on their holiday cards.  Their dogs’ toy boxes rival their childrens’.  After all, at the end of a long, grueling day of work, it’s our canine and feline companions we turn to for unconditional love and acceptance.  Who thinks you’re the world best salesperson?  Scruffy does!  Who doesn’t care if you get through even half of your day’s email?  Mr. Whiskers!

That’s right, behind every successful man, woman and company, is a cat diligently ridding the back yard of moles, or a golden retriever who makes a great body pillow.

What better way to honor our furry friends than by supporting their less fortunate counterparts who through no fault of their own suffer in crowded shelters, waiting for a best friend of their own to come along?

Being a WearWoof Corporate Partner means that your company supports our mission of establishing Pittsburgh and our region as the most pet-friendly in the Middle Atlantic.  Why is this important?  Consider that the US pet industry is a 50 billion dollar and growing market place, and is expected to grow by 33% over the next five years!  A recent American Humane Association survey found that 9 of 10 dog and cat owners consider their pet a member of the family.  The same survey reported that 75% of responders said that their pets can sense their feelings and comfort them when they are sad.  With statistics like these, it’s easy to see why companies are now adding pet health insurance to their employee benefits offerings, why apartment buildings are relaxing policies on pet ownership for renters, and why restaurants are inviting canine companions to dine al fresco alongside their humans.  Compassion toward our companion animals not only builds good will with customers and employees, it strengthens our community, our appeal as a place to live, work and raise a family, and is all around good karma!

WearWoof Corporate Partners support our mission by establishing workplace women’s fashion donation drives and sponsoring events and activities.  Corporate Partners receive special recognition on our web site and event programs, and receive discounts and employee recognition sales at the WearWoof Shop.

If you and your company are interested in supporting WearWoof’s mission and becoming a Corporate Partner, please contact Nancy Lee at or 412-956-1788.

The WearWoof Ambassador Volunteer Program

The WearWoof mission is to establish Pittsburgh as the most pet-friendly city in our region.  By providing funding and support for Western Pennsylvania animal shelter and rescue organizations in the care, medical treatment and placement of homeless pets, and education and outreach to our pet-loving community, we can achieve our goal of ending pet homelessness in Western Pennsylvania.

At our retail store, The WearWoof Shop, we sell gently used and new better women’s designer, mall and name brand fashion and accessories, as well as fashion pet accessories, with proceeds benefiting local shelter and rescue relief efforts as well as the funding of WearWoof mission-related activities.

In addition to funding from the sale of goods at WearWoof, we conduct traditional fundraising through activities like fundraiser events, private and corporate donor solicitation, bequests and various promotions.

WearWoof Ambassadors – our volunteers – are the power behind our mission.  The WearWoof Ambassador’s duties may include:

  • Promoting the WearWoof Foundation efforts and events through social networks, including family, friends and professional connections
  • Procurement of gently used and new better women’s fashion clothing and accessories and pet accessories for sale at the Shop
  • Participation in events and fundraising activities
  • Shelter/rescue outreach and support
  • Participation in group planning meetings & brainstorming sessions

To become a WearWoof Ambassador, you must have a passion for fashion and animals, a little free time and a lot of heart!  Simply complete and submit a WearWoof Ambassador Application.
Download Ambassador Application (PDF)

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