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Donation vs. Consignment

WearWoof is not a consignment store.  Our charitable model allows fashionable, generous animal-loving women to donate their unwanted fashion as an alternative to consignment.

Why choose donation to WearWoof over consignment?

Drop and Go:  We accept your unwanted fashion anytime during regular store hours, no appointment necessary!  Plus, anything we can’t use we pass on to other charitable organizations such as Repurposed and the Animal Advocates thrift shop.  No rejection, no more running around.

Instant Gratification:  With many consignment stores, you have to wait until your item sells for your feel good moment.  If it does sell, you may only end up with pennies on the dollar for what you originally paid.  With WearWoof, you get the instant knowledge that your contribution is going to help save the life of a homeless animal.

Pick Your Beneficiary:  At WearWoof, all profits go to our mission, but we give our clothing and accessory donors the ability to select one of our many shelter or rescue partners as beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their items.  It’s an easy way to do something special for an organization that you care about!

It’s YOUR Boutique:  We like to think of WearWoof as a group effort comprised of caring, compassionate, well-dressed women.  When you donate your unwanted clothing, shoes and accessories to our resale boutique, you become part of the effort and mission, helping to create the boutique experience our customers love and return to again and again.

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