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  In this second installment of this blog article featuring Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary, we’ll get to know some of the current and temporarily displaced residents of Hope Haven, and get a glimpse of what’s to come in 2013.   It’s a cold, sunny January day when I set out to meet Karen at the [...]


(Part One of a Two Part Article) Today’s blog article will feature one of the first WearWoof Shelter and Rescue Partners, Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary.  Hope Haven was the dream of local Pittsburgh veterinarian, Dr. Karen Phillips, whose hard work, determination and undefeatable spirit is turning vision into reality.  Part One is entitled Hope, and [...]


In June I traveled with my family to China for a two week tour of the “Middle Kingdom.”  My husband is of Chinese descent, and though he was born in the United States he’d lived in Shanghai for a year when he was fifteen.  It was one of the most formative experiences of his life, [...]

Settling for Perfect

If you got through my last blog post then you learned that “perfect is the enemy of life saving.” As a Virgo, it’s difficult for me to think of “perfect” as the enemy of anything.  Sadly, I am a perfectionist.  I am such a perfectionist that when I contemplate attempting anything that might not end [...]

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