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About Us

Our Mission


WearWoof’s Mission is to establish Pittsburgh as the Middle Atlantic region’s most pet-friendly city by supporting the work of like-minded shelters, rescues and organizations in ending pet homelessness, providing resources and education for responsible pet ownership, and aiding the efforts of small, volunteer based local rescues through the consolidation of information, resources and support.

Our Founder

Nancy D&B Wallet

Nancy Lee was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and has a background in education, non-profit human resources management, and fashion design.  Nancy founded WearWoof because she loves animals and is deeply concerned about the problem of pet homelessness in our area. Inspired by the work of animal activists in cities such as Los Angeles, Austin, Boulder and Kansas City, Missouri, she envisions a time when our own beloved hometown will achieve the title of the most Pet Friendly city in the region.

She has volunteered for Friends of Strays cat shelter in St. Petersburg, FL and for Animal Friends in Pittsburgh, PA, and is a regular donor to many local and national shelters, rescues and animal welfare organizations. Nancy created WearWoof as a way to support our many amazing, hardworking local shelters and rescues in the efforts to save lives, and also as a way to clean out her embarrassingly overstuffed closets.

Our Board


Albert Lee, President

Barb Lechene, Vice President

Barb Lechene, Vice President

Ashley Boynes-Shuck, Secretary

Lisa O’Brien, Treasurer


Camille DeClementi

Nancy Lee

Danielle Mashuda

Barbara Murray

Aire Plichta

Joan Tutak

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